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Nelson Noel, was born in Port-au-Prince on 17th June 1978.

Theologian by training, general eschatological disciple, he is a specialist in community organization.

Through an enlightened vision at private initiative’s level and business’ innovation, for the past 20 years, he has been able to inspire many at international level to partake in sustainable projects.

Nelson has lived more than 12 years in France; his love for nations and cultural diversity has open doors for him in Europe, Africa, Caribbean’s, Latin America, United States and the rest of the world.

He has made a name in social as a philanthropist by creating openings in order to stimulate Haitian and youth worldly.

since the earthquake, he founded a school in Thomassique of approximately 250 children and an agricultural project with a number of peasants.

Through the request of Town Hall council, he went back in Haiti in 2016, he has been working as consultant, honorary international delegate at Thomassique Town Hall and as director of International Cooperation Project, in particular a triangular project, initiated by him and through his own contacts, in favor of Municipality of Thomassique, including the German Cooperation (GIZ), the Dominican Cooperation (MEPYD's) and the Ministry of Planning of Haiti (MPCE).

Since 14th June 2018, concerned for the true destiny of the Haitian people, he has declared in public, at Orlando Florida, in front of several hundreds of people, to be candidate for the next 2022 Haiti Presidential elections.

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I invite all Haitians around the globe to come together to rebuild our great nation. 


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