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Haiti; is more than 27 thousand square kilometers with 12 million inhabitants living in the country and 4 million Haitians living abroad.

I am aware of the great challenge and the Haitian people’s thirst for change.

Haiti’s territorial reconstruction will be done through a project, emphasizing on environment and necessary infrastructures so as to allow free circulation of the Haitian population. I will put in place new means of energy, new public transports, new means of communications, new structures and adequate means in order to master and canalize water and wastes.

The environment sector can generate thousands of employments and raise new vocations, thus in order to fight the scourge of unemployment in the country and allow the revision of minimum nation’s wages.

It will also be useful to revise our reconstruction’s model in all the areas, and to launch Sustainable Development, taking into account, the future and the demographic race by which Haiti, our country, has been subjected to. This revision will avoid considerate damages experienced during earthquake which occurred on 12th January 2010 and other damages which were being caused by natural disasters. 

It will also be necessary to prepare the population in order to allow the Haitian state to have an upper hand on the country’s destiny in order to rebuilt a New Haiti, where living will be beautiful, where Haitians will be able to experience an environmental and structural security.

Climate change is a reality which threatens territorial and environmental security of the planet, this is the reason why, today we are talking much of environmental refugees.



The State cannot by itself launch the country’s economy. This is why it will be necessary to promote the importance of circular economy (CE), social economy and solidarity economy. This will imply the development of real pilot projects in different areas, such as, organic agriculture, tourism, hotel management, fashion, art and culture without deteriorating the environment.

It will be necessary to promote a new Haitian industry model where each sector and actor would play the role of environment protector; Because plastic’s scourges and non-mastery of wastes are true dangers for population’s security.

It will be necessary to put in place great projects of transformation, and through these scourges, create new means of generous employments.

Haiti is also a country of rare natural resources, it will be necessary to value our resources at the expense of national development and socio-economic projects. It is a commitment that I have in heart, that we all have in hearts, which I bear personally in my mind.

It will also be necessary to offer means to Haitian and foreigners investors by making our administrative system more flexible and quick; Because new technologies offer innovative and secure means which will allow the provision of good service and the fight against corruption and wastage of public funds. By doing so, the Haitian banking system can be more adequate and invest itself better in the country’s development.



No country in the world can develop itself without a social notified reconstruction, and this requires the revision of our educational system, health system; and this revision, will also have a positive impact on culture and sports; because our country have more than 65% youths; it will be necessary to establish an adapted social program towards this increasing demographic reality.

Up to this day, there are many flaws and negligence’s in these areas; paralyzing true development of the Haitian society.

In order to be able to develop a social and solidarity economy; it will be necessary to ponder on means and ways to use in order to improve the economic health of the Haitian population, and create more opportunities for the youths in the country, the disabled and old people.

Social reconstruction will facilitate more social justice, allow better working conditions for police forces, teachers, doctors, workers, health personnel’s levels; without forgetting research and other activities’ sectors being at nation’s service.

In order to allow the state to be effective in its actions, our first goal by winning the 2022 Presidential elections, will be to revise our social system; because it is the weaknesses of our institutions that pushes more and more brains of the country to leave their own country. Time has come for real change.



When there is lack of strong institutions, it is totally impossible to govern a society or adequately serve a population. The judicial system in a country raises the nation, it allows to discipline the future of a country and its populations.

It will be necessary to opt for a good separation between the three powers, allowing thus doing, a balance between the institutions; Executive power, legislative power and the judicial power; without forgetting the voice and the will of the population, which also constitutes a power, which is sometimes being expressed through media’s means.

Police forces, judges, advocates, journalists also deserve a better treatment; and this should be done by respecting national and international laws.

Those who are sent to jails should also obtain a fair judgement, no matter their social level and the social level of the opposite side. It is in this way that we will be able to build a society far of all forms of injustices and administrative inequalities.

It will be necessary to have a better service of fire fighters in the country, and this should be available at the national level; because they are forgotten in the society.

Talking about justice; it is necessary to also have better structured prisons and good treatment for prisoners; thus; the fight against falsified judgements and justice’s game of influence.

It will also be necessary to think about the necessary infrastructures which will allow the creation of adequate and secure environment, facilitating the institutional reconstruction that we advocate in all the countries, with all the seculars norms required.



True democracy will be possible in a nation when its citizens will be taught and prepared consequently. This is what I call moral reconstruction of Haitian nation. This can be achieved through education and civic duty. It will be necessary to give to Haitian citizens a patriotic taste, by emphasizing on the good side of our history, our culture and our traditions. This can also be achieved by improving our vocabularies when we will be called to express ourselves concerning the future of the country; because a pessimistic population cannot be able to change its country; people need to be optimistic in order to change a nation. 

It will be necessary that true vocational leaders rise at popular level in order to be able to transmit knowledge in the nation.

This is the reason why we are suggesting NI, a popular and patriotic solidarity contract to raise population’s awareness towards its civic and citizen’s responsibilities. This will enable us to put in evidence our Motto “Union is strength.”



Referring to some polls; we have come to the conclusion that Haiti has always been granted economic aids and considerable loans, but the country is still subjected to extreme poverty. This gives an image of a country always in need of humanitarian assistance.

Furthermore, we believe that it will be necessary to restore trust and strengthen relationship with old and new partners in a philosophy of international politic centered on cooperation. It will be necessary to have profitable projects for the country, our partners and investors.

This reconstruction can also be achieved through the restoration of Haitian image at international level, because the Haitian leadership is weak and isolated to this day.

Haiti is a virgin country which proposes opportunities and considerable means.

Our goal is to make of Haiti a welcoming country for foreigner’s investors, through the profit of a true social and durable impact. When everything has to be reconstructed, we can do better and adapt the best.

New startups will be most welcomed and we will avail necessary means to move together in the 21st Century history walk and catch up lost times; by making of our island, Haiti, once more, THE PEARL OF CARRIBEANS AND WEST INDIES.

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